Vol 2, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents

Regular papers


The Age and Size of the Firm as Relevant Predictors for Bankruptcy Download pdf PDF
Mario Situm p:5-30


An Analysis of Bank Profitability in Macedonia Download pdf PDF
Nadica Iloska p:31-50


Islamic Banking and Economic Growth: An Empirical Evidence from Qatar Download pdf PDF
Mosab I. Tabash, Raj S. Dhankar p:51-67


Modeling Financial Stability: the case of the Banking Sector in Macedonia Download pdf PDF
Jasmina Popovska p:68-91


Credit Scoring Process Avoiding the Excessive Risk Download pdf PDF
Alban Burazeri, Orfea Dhuci, Andromahi Kufo p:92-104


Understanding Consumer Preference Biases Download pdf PDF
Petra Platz, Zoltán Veres p:105-119