Vol 11, No 1 (2023)

Reengineering оf Product Design

Nazima Afzal Nzaad


The current business era which has been embroidered with frills of competitiveness constant changes in customer psychology all these aspects stresses upon bold rethinking of production function therefore companies adopt concept of reengineering of product design strategy to bring changes in the existing product pattern now it would become necessary to state that the demands of competition theory allows competitors of the competitive marketers to have competitive advantage for the purpose of having uniqueness in perspectives of product or service which may leads to enjoy monopoly status for certain period in the competitive market because every new model of product launch makes the competitor to redefine its product strategy and competitor will launch more advance product then the existing product of competitive market for this regard R & D department of company conduct research process to generate new ideas for the purpose of developing innovative product to modify existing product pattern by means of technological advancement for the purpose of satisfying emerging needs and wants of customers therefore to refrigerator manufacturing companies suggested to launch a modified model for refrigerator which is combination of both hot and cool the upper half of this machine is responsible for cooling power and lower half is responsible for hot this model benefits to working women when they reached home they find grub at consumable temperature this innovative model seeks protection under legislation of patent law for the purpose of protecting rights of inventor.

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Reengineering technological advancement; Emerging trends; Psychology; Competition; Product redesign.

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Volume 11, Issue 1
Year of Publication: 2023
ISSN: 1857 - 8721
Publisher: EDNOTERA

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Afzal Nzaad, N.: Reengineering оf Product Design. Journal of Applied Economics and Business, Vol 11, No. 1, 5-8. (2023)