Vol 10, No 3 (2022)

The Art of Selling

Nazima Afzal Nzaad


Selling is difficult phenomena which involve skills behaviour and attitude of salesman so that the salesman attracts customers towards the product offered for selling therefore it is mandate for sales man to acquire leadership skills to achieve task of selling. As sales is the part of marketing which is popularity denotes the text of social and managerial process where the term social attributes to benefits for customers which in other sense every act of marketer must be beneficial for society therefore the marketer should not cheat customers and must become philanthropist for customer interest the other term managerial reflects that every act of marketer must be supported with decision making process, with this analysis it is clear that the phenomena of selling not only involves leadership skills but also integrates the aspect of philanthropy as well as interest of society. The modern business era which has been embroidered with enormous challenges in perspectives of competition mercury’schanges in customer psychology in this scenario selling become a difficult task because the electrification of globalization which has created double density of competition both in perspectives of national and international sphere in this situation sphere in this situation selling a product is the most challenging task because customers enjoys greater choice adherence to availability of international products in domestic market Bharthi Wall Mart D Mart are access towards selling of international product with establishment of its outlets in various country across the globe. The task of selling involves transformational change from the perspectives of customers believes and ideology therefore the salesman should become psych friend for customers the salesman should not only guides customers in a right path but also tries to create good relationship with customers this aspect helps to maintain customer loyalty which has its impact towards customer satisfaction. It is the well acknowledged fact that salesman should poses creativity of course creativity is a natural phenomenon, and it is the result of intellectual capabilities of a salesman should possess effective communication skills as well as ability to listening.

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Effective salesmanship; Marketing; Salesman; Leadership skills; Selling skills; Behavioural skills; Sales maximization.

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Volume 10, Issue 3
Year of Publication: 2022
ISSN: 1857 - 8721
Publisher: EDNOTERA

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